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12105957_1663321917245275_7476992447012489329_nWhen you wake up, think a positive thought

When we wake up we tend to instantly spam our minds with a billion thoughts. “What have I got to do today?” or “What haven’t I got done?”. The way we start our day has a huge impact on how we will feel for the rest of the day. If you have a busy mindset from the moment you open your eyes, your day will most likely be pretty stressful.

When you wake up in the morning, take some time to actually wake up. Lay there for a few minutes, take a breath and think something positive. Tell yourself that you are going to complete that task, or simply say it’s going to be a great day. If you train your brain to think optimistically each morning, you will begin to notice some wonderful changes to your day and to your mind. You will naturally feel positive, motivated and ready to face the day’s challenges.

Give yourself time in the morning and stop pressing snooze

If you run around like a headless chicken every morning, what do you expect your day to be like?  As tempting as it is to press the snooze button, it’s not fun when you have about 10 seconds to down your breakfast. Try getting up 30 minutes earlier. You will be able to drink your morning coffee in peace without the worry of being late. You might even be able to have two cups! If you start your day in a slow paced, relaxing way, everything will run smoothly. Your mind will be less jumbled and your stress levels will be reduced! Stop pressing snooze. 

Smile as much as possible

We humans seem to have a “default” face. It’s boring and quite frankly miserable. Think about how many people we pass on the street who have this face on. It’s the majority. Naturally, smiling helps to generate more positive emotions within us. When you laugh or smile, your brain releases chemicals known as neurotransmitters, in a simpler term “Happy chemicals”. Smiling reduces stress levels, lifts our mood and simply makes us more attractive. Turning the corners of your mouth up only has positive effects. Make it your mission to smile every single day, even if it’s at yourself. It’s so simple!




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