5 Ways To Help An Anxious Mind


Having an anxious mind is no fun. It’s stressful, upsetting and can cause so many difficult and unnecessary situations. Although it may feel like your anxiety is there for good, it’s not. It is temporary. You can improve it and eventually defeat it. Here are 5 steps which will be beneficial to you. 

#1 Understand your triggers

Understanding what sets off your anxiety is key. The moment you know what your triggers are, the sooner you can work out how to deal with them. Throughout your day, be aware of what makes you  feel anxious and what makes you feel calm. Notice when you are at your highest and when you are at your lowest. Once you are aware of these things, you can start to help yourself.

#2 Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can worsen anxiety. Like many others, if your mind goes into overdrive before bedtime and you’re finding it hard to sleep, try to do some things to relax. You could have a warm bath, watch your favourite film, meditate or do some breathing exercises. I know it’s easier said than done, but really try to achieve a good sleeping pattern. If your mind is fully rested, your anxiety levels will reduce.

#3 Stay active

Everybody knows that staying active is good for your health, but it’s also great for your mental wellbeing too. Staying active doesn’t have to mean hardcore exercise, this could just mean going for a relaxing walk in the countryside. Any form of being active has great effects on the mind. It reduces stress, gives a natural energy boost, improves sleep and makes the mind a clearer and more focused place. Try and keep your diary full of amazing activities this summer, stay active!

#4 Write down your plans and thoughts

With anxiety, our minds can get extremely crowded at times. Something which can help this is writing things down. Why not get yourself a diary and keep a record of your thoughts. Getting your thoughts out of your head and on to paper will help you learn more about yourself and your thought process. It’ll give you the chance to look back on how you were feeling. You will eventually have a better understanding of what triggers your anxiety and how you react to certain situations. From there you can train your mind to deal with these tricky triggers in a healthier way.

As well as writing down your thoughts, have another diary to write down your plans. This will give you structure. You will feel more organised, focused and clear. Try not to stress about what’s happening in the next two or three weeks, take it one day at a time.

#5 Meditate  

Anxiety can make you feel like there’s a million thoughts swirling around in your head at once. Meditation is a great way to help this and unfortunately, it’s really underestimated by many. It’s a simple practice and the benefits are endless. Some of them include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves emotional stability
  • Increases positivity and happiness
  • Helps focus and concentration
  • Improves sleep

Why not start with some simple breathing exercises? Have a look online as there are plenty to choose from. Doing 5-10 minutes of these each morning and night can make a huge difference. It does take patience, but if your serious about killing this anxiety, then you should be able to commit.


I hope this has been helpful to you! Remember that everything takes time, we are only human.





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