Life Itself

10 Life Lessons I’ve Learnt In 22 Years.


1 – To be myself and nothing else

This is a quote from a previous post, but it’s true. ‘Someone that I haven’t known long said three simple words to me recently… “You do you”. It’s so basic but such a strong lesson, because if you do anything else other than you, then who are you even living for?’. I’ve enjoyed finding myself this past year and am proud to show it .

2 – To not care what others think

Caring about others opinions slowly alters the real you. I used to care too much about what people thought of me, to the point where  I wasn’t me anymore. I’ve now learnt to not give a fuck and be who I am. I’m much happier for it.

3 – To work hard for what I want

At the end of the day, you only have yourself to rely on. Sure, other people will help out, but it’s you who you need the most. In the last year I’ve definitely realised this and trusted my own choices.

4 – That being open-minded is best

I’ve always been open-minded, but this year it’s really stuck out to me. I’ve realised how much I enjoy seeing unique individuals who are so comfortable in their own skin. With all the judgemental ass holes in the world, it’s nice to see self-confident people. I’m also open-minded when it comes to my own personal choices. I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone lately, and it’s taken me to some amazing places.

5 – That it’s okay not to know my future path 

Although I know what I’m doing now, the stress I caused myself in the past by over thinking about my career was ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. Certain things like that unravel day by day and you can’t force it. (Unless you’re a lucky one who knows exactly what they want). As you find yourself and grow, it does become clearer.

6 – Sometimes things have to get worse to get better 

If things were easy then we wouldn’t have any life lessons. I’m sure everyone has experienced shitty situations, but I’m also sure that lessons have been learnt from them too. Blessings in disguise? Sometimes…

7 –  I can get through the bad

There’s been a couple of situations which have been my hardest struggles, both being heart and soul-destroying. I’m okay, I’m happy and I’m half glad they happened as they made me stronger and the life I have now are because of them.

8 – To appreciate every single day

Until you actually sit down and think about it, you don’t realise how short life is. It can literally end in a split second and that’s it, all your chances and opportunities gone forever. Sorry, it’s so morbid, but it really does make you appreciate every single moment and to live the most adventurous life you possibly can.

9 – That love will be the best and worst thing you’ll ever experience 

When it goes right, it’s incredible, when it goes wrong, it’s painful. Either way, I’ve learnt a lot from both sides and have realised that love is a continuous learning curve.

10 – To be happy 

Again, life’s short and can be taken from you in a second. I’ve learnt to embrace everything, good and bad. I’m trying to live a more spontaneous and adventurous life, and to experience as much as I can. I’m doing more of what makes me happy. Also, if something isn’t making you happy, you’re not stuck. You can change it. That’s another lesson I’ve learnt.



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