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5 Healthy Life Changes You Can Make Now

These 5 tips listed below are tiny changes which you can easily put in to action. They’re small and simple, but make all the difference. Why not give some a try? πŸ™‚

1 – Get a regular sleeping pattern


I know they’re a billion distractions before bed, some of them being Netflix, food and Facebook, but try to get a sleeping pattern going. Getting your body clock right improves everything such as your attitude, skin, concentration and thought process… everything! Why not have a candle lit bath before bed, play some calming music and then drift off in to your dreams? I can guarantee you will notice a difference!

2 – Drink lots of waterΒ 

Keeping hydrated isn’t hard! Water keeps you energised throughout the day and helps you to sleep at night. It gets rid of your pimples, improves your focus and your body loves you for it. It’s a win win situation. Yeah, you might have to pee double the amount but come on, it’s worth it.

3- Do 5 to 10 minutes of yoga/stretches each morning and nightΒ 


Doing a light bit of yoga each morning and night is an excellent way to start the day. It’s calming, healthy and it gives your body a chance to wake up. It’s only 5 minutes of your time and it’s great for the mind. It’s no fun rushing out the door with half a piece of toast hanging out your mouth feeling fragile. Maybe try to get up a little earlier?

If you don’t feel like doing yoga, you could do a few arm, back and leg stretches. This is another refreshing way to wake your body up and get it ready for the day ahead.

4 – Have YOU time


When I say have you time, I don’t just mean relaxing with a movie and cake. Every now and then, take a few minutes to sit and think about you. Are you happy? Could you do more of what makes you happy? Is there something personal you want to change or get better at? – Checking in with yourself is really important. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life and everyone else’s business that we forget to catch up with ourselves.

5 – Make your bedroom your ultimate haven Β 


Now this is fun! We spend every night in our bedrooms, so making it the perfect chill out zone is a no brainer. It’s a fun task, and having a positive space to relax does wonders for the mind. If you have some money to spend, go and get some snazzy bits, or if you don’t, you could re arrange your bedroom and make it look brand new again. Having an environment that makes you happy is important. Also, keep it clean! A messy room is a messy mind.






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