Self Love.

5 Easy Self Care Tips


1 – Bath ‘n’ Bombs 

Treat your self. Light a candle, plop in a bath bomb and lay back. Have your favourite spotify playlist on, or just enjoy the sound of silence. Add some bubbles, close your eyes and relax. Maybe add a glass of wine or cup of tea in to the equation, depending on what time your pamper sesh commences!

2 – Lazy Days & Exercise

There’s nothing wrong with staying in your pyjamas, watching movies and devouring snacks all day… nothing! Everyone needs a lazy day every now and then. We’re on the go all the time and we deserve a day of rest. On the other hand, doing light or intense exercise is great too, whatever takes your fancy. Mix it up a bit, both are wonderful for the body and mind. (Maybe not the devouring of snacks part…take it easy!).

3 – Scrap Social Media 

Screens and news feeds are everywhere. Take a step back and put the device down. Whether you eat, read, talk to a friend or re design your room, just chill out with yourself for an hour or two. Give yourself a bit of attention!

4 – Write Down Your Goals

Having ambitions in your head is great, but there’s something about writing them down which makes them even more real. It’s good to put pen to paper so you can see your goals right in front of you. Create a list and tick them off as you go. Make a challenge out of it, it’ll be fun!

5 – Be Your Own Best Friend 

You hang out with yourself every second of everyday, so you have to enjoy your own company. Be kind to yourself, listen to your body, explore you as a person and be your friend. You know you want some TLC! Treat yourself.


Self love is important. As they say, your body is your temple and you have to take care of it, mind, body and soul! It’s easy to get distracted by everything else around us, when really we should be focusing more on ourselves. 








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