Self Love.

5 Reasons Not To Give A Fuck If You’re Single On Valentines Day


So you’re alone on Valentines Day? If this is something that bothers you, here are 5 reasons why not a single fuck should be given.

1 – Your own company is good enough 

If anyone can give you some love it’s you. You know more about yourself than anyone, so if you feel like treating yourself, do! Wine, chocolate… the lot. It’s not sad and it’s nothing to feel weird about. It’s great to enjoy your own company. It’s an attractive thing and we should all learn to do it more. See Valentines as a day of self-love and celebration.

2 – Galentines Day exists 

There’s such a thing as Galentines you know! I’m sure you’re not the only singleton in town. Why not invite some girlfriends over and make dinner together. Light some candles, watch movies and crack open the Pino. You can all give no fucks together and enjoy some female company.

3 – You can give yourself some lovin

I think this point speaks for itself.

4 –  A special someone is yet to enter your life

Just because you’re alone this Valentines day doesn’t mean you’ll be alone the next. Be patient. Someone great is yet to enter your life, it’s just not meant to be right now. I’m sure many females will be feeling sorry for themselves this V-day, but why? Being single should be a time for self discovery which is always a positive. Hang out with yourself, look forward to the future and give no fucks.

5 – You are independent 

So just because you don’t have a man/woman on this specific day, you’re going to give a fuck and be sad? No thank you. I know it’s nice to share the love with someone and to have a companion, but being happy starts with yourself and not depending on someone else. It’s fine to be single. It gives you a chance to be even more independent and to fall in love with yourself instead. Enjoy the road to self love!

The most powerful relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. Take advantage of the time that you have alone. 





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