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‘You’re so thin, you need to eat’.


Photo by Ryan Kemmitt

I eat like a pig yet my metabolism works at the speed of light. I’m naturally a small person and it’s quite difficult for me to put on weight, therefore I get certain comments sometimes.

If any of you are in the same boat, I’m sure you’ve had these phrases said to you more than once.

‘Wow you’re skinny’

‘Cor, you need to eat some pies’

‘You’re so thin, don’t you eat?’

Firstly, the word thin doesn’t sound flattering in the slightest, and secondly, how do you know what my eating habits are like?

If something is said to me now, it doesn’t bother me too much because I’m at a healthy and happy size, but back in school when I had no idea about my body, it hurt my feelings. It made me question my appearance and worry about how I looked, all because of comments which were probably said with love and no bad intentions. (Although you do get people who don’t mean well)

I don’t understand how people can think those phrases are kind? You wouldn’t say the equivalent to a larger male/female.

The point I’m trying to make is, I don’t think anyone should comment on anyone’s weight.(Unless someone is causing themselves serious harm.) None of us know how other individuals view their weight, therefore saying anything is a risky game and could easily offend a person.

I don’t think throwing words around like that willy nilly is okay. It’s to much of a personal matter. Although some people may think their being polite with their opinions, those opinions can be taken wrong, especially when on the subject of weight.

I think if you’re happy with your size and people make hurtful statements, try to brush it off and stay true to yourself. You know you, you know your weight and you know if you’re happy with it. No one else’s words should have the power to change that. If people are making comments specifically to be spiteful, then just know they must have a miserable life. Stay strong. 

Does anyone agree?









One thought on “‘You’re so thin, you need to eat’.

  1. I agree!
    I have had so many people, including family, comment on my weight. I myself try to eat anything, eventhough it is often Junk, but some reason I do not gain any weight.
    It really upsets me when people comment on my size or just comment about me in general. I find it very tough to accept how I look in general so people making those comments makes everything a lot more difficult.
    I don’t understand why everyone is obsessed with commenting on appearances, surely we should be commenting on other nicer things!


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