5 Ways To Tackle Anxiety On The Tube


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Anxiety + the tube is an awful mix. Here are some tips on how to ride the tube with ease if you’re feeling anxious. 

1 – Earplugs 

Earplugs work wonders. When you wear them, it almost detaches you from the outside world because everything is muted. As everything is so quiet, it helps bring all the concentration on to you and takes away the craziness of the outside world. Loud noises and busy environments when you feel anxious are the worst. Why not grab some foam earplugs from boots and mute all that nonsense out on your travels.

2 – Headphones

If you don’t want silence and you need some noise of your choice, make sure to have your favourite feel good songs at the ready. Listening to music can have some great effects on your mood when you’re feeling on edge.

3 Visualisation 

Feeling claustrophobic is extremely common when on the tube. Try closing your eyes and visualising a view. You could picture sitting on the beach while looking out to sea or even standing on a mountain looking to the sky. This can help you feel like you’re in a large open space. If you take the time to breathe and focus, it works brilliantly. If you have earplugs in while doing this, it’s even easier to concentrate on your imagination and breathing. It’s very powerful.

4 – Water

Water is an anxiety quencher. It’s cold, refreshing and can calm you down when you’re feeling flustered. Staying hydrated is a necessity, especially when you’re on a hot and clammy train with a dry mouth. Always have a bottle in your bag.

5 – Breathing 

Keeping your breathing steady is important when feeling anxious. Try to keep it at a nice pace from the moment you enter the station. 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out maybe? You can even try counting in your head as that helps your mind to focus on something else other than your anxiety.


Although everything I’ve said can help, there’s one more technique which is bizarre and contradicts everything above.

Rather than running away from your anxiety, run towards it. For example, if your thinking and worrying about having a panic attack, it’s more likely to happen because you’re giving yourself something to be afraid off. If you go in all guns blazing and almost spur it on, it’s less likely to happen. I’ve personally tried this in the past and it worked a treat!

Everyone is different, so whatever you choose, I hope at least one of these tips help you. 

What do you do to tackle the tube with anxiety? 





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