Self Love.

Embrace Your Face


“Just because you don’t look like somebody who you think is attractive doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive. Flowers are pretty and so are Christmas lights, and they look nothing a like”

I saw this quote not so long ago and thought it was perfect.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different and there’s only one version of you in this world which is amazing enough. Everyone is unique and different for special reasons. Stop spending your days moaning about what you have or don’t have. It’s a waste of precious time. Embrace your face and body as life could be a whole lot worse. Wake up, appreciate what you have and be kind to yourself. Stop starting your mornings with an insult, it’s a bad habit. Focus on what you like and don’t worry about what you don’t. Flaws are beautiful as they make you different. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Boring. Stop destroying your own self-esteem. It’s like you’re bullying yourself. Enjoy your body.

You see yourself so often and are so used to your features that you don’t know how beautiful you are to a stranger.

I purposely uploaded this picture because I’ve never felt comfortable smiling with my teeth showing. My top lip looks non-existent and I feel a little goofy, but I can now say that I like it πŸ™‚

Start your self-love mission.




10 thoughts on “Embrace Your Face

  1. I love this post! I recently stopped wearing makeup (very often) and I’ve become much more accepting of my bare face x


    1. Thank you and that’s great! πŸ™‚ – It’s weird to think back in the day I wouldn’t step out the door unless my eyes were smothered in thick black liner, whereas now, I’m barefaced 99.9 % of the time…Go us !

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  2. thats such a good quote! I think it’s so important not to compare ourselves to others, everyone’s their own person and is different and is amazing they way they are x


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