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Instant Mood Boosters


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Over time I’ve learnt what things give me an instant mood boost. If I’m feeling sad or moody, the following things really make me smile. We can’t be happy humans all the time, but when we do need a helping hand to feel jolly again, it’s a good idea to know our own personal mood boosters! Here are mine. 


I love to watch them, listen to them and if I had the chance to be in one, It’d be a definite yes! In fact, while I’m writing this, I’m listening to the Mamma Mia and Hairspray soundtrack. Instant joy!

Thinking about future plans

I like to think about my future and all the opportunities that I’m yet to experience, such as holidays, new friendships, weekend plans and random trips. I get quite frustrated when I’m stuck in a routine and nothing changes. It makes me feel un-fulfilled, hence I enjoy to have exciting things planned throughout the year.


If I’m feeling a little crappy, give me some food and a cup of tea and I’ll be alright. It’s the little things that do the job!

Talking to My Best friends/Loved ones

We all have them, we all love them. Who doesn’t enjoy a 5 minute laughing fit over the phone about something ridiculous? Best friends just know what to say. As for loved ones, they help without even realising it.

Ticking boxes 

I like to make sure I’ve got a constant list going of things I want to achieve. It makes me feel good when I complete something, even if it’s a small goal. If I’m feeling rubbish, I’ll look at my list, pick a goal and do something to work towards it then and there. Every little helps.

Brighton beach

Walking along the beach is one of my main loves. It’s something which instantly relaxes me. Hearing the sound of the waves and seeing the beautiful view makes me happy, and when the sun comes out, it’s even better.

What are your instant mood boosters? 




8 thoughts on “Instant Mood Boosters

  1. Yes food + friends = perfection. Also, when I feel grumpy (what I call a pointlessly pissed off mood) then I do a ridiculous smile or face at myself in the mirror. It is hard to not smirk at how much of an idiot you look – always works! 🙂


    1. Thank you Chloe and welcome to the blogging world! Reading is a great one. I find it pretty hard to get in to books which is a shame because there are so many amazing stories out there. I gotta sort that out! x


      1. Maybe start with like short novels, I feel like when you’re in a library without a phone it leaves you no time for distraction 😊 hope all goes well for you! X


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