Why Girls Should Feel Confident When Speaking About Masturbation/Sex

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Masturbation and sex are a natural part of life and should be spoken about with confidence. Understandably, some of us find it a little embarrassing to talk about, but no one should ever feel ashamed or dirty for doing so.

Unfortunately, somewhere a long the line, girls have been made to feel that they should keep quiet when it comes to this topic, hence it’s now something that’s barely spoken about.

We’re all human, we all have vaginasย and we all want pleasure which is the one and only reason the clitoris exists. This fact alone shows that you’re meant to get off whether it’s by your own hands or someone else’s, so whats the harm in having little sexyย chit chats among friends?

Now, I’m not saying that you need to scream from the hill tops telling the world how you orgasm or what your vagina looks like, but if you want to open up about sexual things to your friends, family or partner, you should be able to without any judgement towards yourself or from anyone else. The world of sex is such an intriguingย place and the learning curve is continuous , which is why communication is so important.

Communicating about something so personal is beneficial, beautiful and empowering. It shows confidence and that you’re in touch with your body…literally. If you’re to open up about things, you may make the person who’s listening feel comfortable to do the same. You can give advice, gain advice and you may even find out a new technique which you’ve been missing out on or a position that you hadn’t thought of. You may even find out that funny vagina sounds aren’t so uncommon during sex or that most women can’t finish through vaginal penetration. The list could go on and on!

At the end of the day, pleasure is a natural human desire and all things sex should be seen as more of a normal conversation to have. It’s really not a big deal. Yeah, you may go a little red, but all the stories, opinions and information being thrown around will make you feel so open and positive about the world of sex and masturbation.

Obviously there’s a time and a place, but it needs to be understood that if you overhear a lady having a sexual discussion and using the words sex, vagina, penis, cum or any other word in the sexual vocabulary, it’s not dirty, it’s normal.

We learn by communicating. Let’s talk about it.






10 thoughts on “Why Girls Should Feel Confident When Speaking About Masturbation/Sex

  1. Love this post, totally agree! Itโ€™s like lads can talk about it all they want and get praised for it but as soon as a girl even says the word sex or masturbation they get shut down!

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  2. Love this post! I’ve always hated the stigma behind girls masturbating, its unfair that its seen as normal for guys but taboo for girls! You keep spreading the message girl ๐Ÿ˜‹ Xx


  3. Totally agree with the fact that all girls and women should talk about sex with friends, family or partners. It really helps being confident and make it pleasurable if you share your thoughts and questions about this topic. So many girls don’t feel confident because they think something is wrong with them when really that’s not the case… Which is such a shame!


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  4. Props to you for writing this post up, that takes guts. I definitely don’t like how taboo the topic of sex has become, especially among females. I can relate, growing up around close friends & family I never felt that it was “okay” to speak about anything remotely related to sex, but as I grow and mature, I’m learning that it’s part of human nature.


  5. Totally agree with this! Sex should not be a taboo subject, we should feel confident about our bodies and what we do with them! Sex and masturbation is completely natural, I don’t understand why people think so low of talking about it!


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