Self Love.

Relax, It’s Okay To Miss A Blog Post


It’s one of those days.

My mind is blank and no blog content can be found.

If I ever miss a day where I’m meant to be uploading, I get quite annoyed at myself because it’s so irritating to break the cycle, especially when you’ve been on the ball for a while.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay to miss a post and that I shouldn’t be too harsh on myself. If I force one out that I don’t want to write, then it’s going to be rubbish anyway. My mind just needs some time to gather some new ideas and refresh itself. Besides, thanks to my blank brain, I’ve just written this mini post. Phew.

The same goes for every other blogger. It’s completely acceptable to miss an upload as you can’t be on the ball all the time.

It’s better to have no post than a forced post that you rushed and weren’t satisfied with.

Now, calm down and have a cup of tea, you’re still an amazing blogger!



3 thoughts on “Relax, It’s Okay To Miss A Blog Post

  1. The worst thing is when you blog when your heart isn’t in it. You can ALWAYS tell when a post hasn’t been written because it wants to be written. No ideas? No post. Doesn’t matter πŸ™‚ Your blog is always going to be there when you get back!


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