Mental Health: Why Men And Women Need To Speak Out

mental health

When it comes to mental health, we need to speak out, both men and women.

We are not meant to be closed up humans who keep all their fears and emotions deeply hidden. Where will that get us? No where.

Some of us are lucky and are made to feel that we can openly express ourselves with no fear of judgement. However, some are made to feel stupid, ashamed and embarrassed, hence all these awful thoughts and feelings pile up in to something dark and destroying. This is tragic and the people who contribute to making people feel this way are unbelievable.

A prime example of this would be Piers Morgan. Β I’m sure many of you saw his recent tweet, but for those who didn’t, here it is.


What an idiotic comment right? Keeping quiet about something as serious as mental health can only lead to bad or even horrific things. As people, we need to vent and in no way should we be told to ‘man up’. Struggling is NOTHING to be ashamed of. This goes for everyone, especially men. Guys (not all) seem to think it’s not manly and strong to wear their hearts on their sleeves anyway, and the fact that Piers tweeted such shit is just confirming that illusion they have.

Calling all males, calling all males… IT’S OKAY TO SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS! If anything, it’s more manly to express how you feel than to not. I’m pretty sure the majority of women can support me on that one.

When did it become such a burden for people to talk about their feelings? I don’t understand it. What does the world want? For us to walk around like emotionless zombies hiding everything that’s real? We’re designed to feel and to express, so what on earth is the problem and why are some parts of the world so shut off to the idea of this?

Unfortunately, there will always be close minds in the world, but there’s so much support out there too. Imagine if we were to all feel comfortable speaking openly about what was going on in our minds, the support system would grow and grow. People would become closer, more advice would be shared and most importantly, those who suffer would feel less alone. More would reach out, receiveΒ help and the army of us who stand up for Mental Health would just become even more powerful.

No matter what you experience, whether it’s anxiety, depression, panic attacks or bad thoughts, your problems are relevant and I’m telling you that you can open up about them with confidence. There will always be someone there to listen. (Including me!)

Let’s stand together and open our minds, hearts and mouths. The more people who speak out, the stronger the Mental Health community will be.



7 thoughts on “Mental Health: Why Men And Women Need To Speak Out

  1. So true, I love this post! The tweet from Piers infuriated me but I think he gets a sick kick out of riling up people with common sense.
    My boyfriend has always struggled with talking about his feelings because he’s never really done it or been encouraged to do it before. He’s come such a long way in recent months and is able to communicate his needs and emotions in such a healthy way. I am infinitely proud of him and I wish others the same success.


  2. Great post & UGH that stupid tweet by that STUPID man. I don’t even wanna say his name! What an awful thing to say. You hit the nail on the head – both genders need to feel comfortable and free to express themselves. It doesn’t matter what the internal issue is, we all deserve the same help ❀

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  3. Hi, I am in total agreement with you – we need to talk more about MH. It will normalise the experience and people won’t feel so alone. Unfortunately, I think there remains considerable shame attached to MH issues and people are scared of being open and honest. I also think Piers Morgan is a complete prat. Telling men to man up is like blaming a woman’s mood/emotions on her time of the month. I mean, really?
    Anyway, well done on your post, lets keep MH in people’s minds.


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