Self Love.

My First YouTube Video – The Awkward Masterpiece!


In relation to my previous post on being loud and proud, I must say… I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF.

After years of being nervous, awkward and afraid, I finally got the balls and uploaded my first YouTube video! Although I feel cringe, I still pressed publish and that’s what counts! Everyone’s first video is bound to be awkward right?

My aim is to have my channel alongside this blog, where I speak about self-love, body positivity, sex, mental health and life, just like I do here at Creating Happy Minds.

As I continue to upload, I look forward to coming out of my shell and moulding my channel in to something great. It’s true that if you’re nervous, you literally just have to start. Once you get past that first hurdle, it’s so much easier from that point because you know you’re capable.

Don’t feel obliged, but if you would like to take a look at my awkward video, that would be grand. I shall link it below. Β Cheers ears πŸ™‚

What have you done that you’re proud of recently? Let me know!





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